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Currently showing:
The Hot and Energetic Universe - other fulldome shows available on demand for special showings, for groups larger than 120.

Please note that currently shows are suspended to assist in Covid-19 containment efforts.

Please note that there will be no regular planetarium shows on 23 November and 24 April.

Current schedule is:
Entry begins at 10 am, show begins at 10.30 am. Duration of the show is approximately half an hour. Regular shows every day, including Sundays.

We have a system of headsets now. Show will be played on the speakers in the majority preferred language, other languages (English, Hindi and Telugu are available for this show) can be heard using headsets.

Sri Sathya Sai Space Theatre
Prasanthi Nilayam
Andhra Pradesh
Pin - 515134

Phone: +91 98498 30867

Please note : Please do not call this number before 6.30 am or after 8.30 pm IST. Email is the preferred method of contact.

Email - webmaster@saispace.in