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When inaugurated in 1985, the Sri Sathya Sai Space Theatre which incorporated the Spitz 512 automation system was one of the most technologically advanced Planetaria in India. A large number of Planetarium shows were also available. Many of the shows were translated locally into Hindi and Telugu languages for the benefit of the varied audience of the Planetarium. Some of the shows which were regulars at the Planetarium were
  • Halley's Comet -
    This inaugural show was timed for the Halley's Comet visit of 1986.
  • Architecture of the Cosmos - prepared locally.
    Along with the description of the night sky, Vedic and Puranic stories inter-mingled in this long running show.
  • Solar System Spectacular - from Strasenburgh Planetarium, Rochester.
    A walk-though of the Solar System, visiting each planet in turn.
  • Computer - prepared locally.
    An introduction to computers prepared by the students of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning.
  • The Voyayer Encounters - from Loch Ness productions.
    Highlighting discoveries about the outer planets gleaned by the Voyager spacecraft.
  • Celestial Cycles - from Strasenburgh Planetarium, Rochester.
    A show highlighting the cyclical nature of many natural processing including the orbits of celestial objects.
  • Universe - from Strasenburgh Planetarium, Rochester.
    A classic Planetarium show with an overview of the Universe as we know it.
  • Starflight - from Strasenburgh Planetarium, Rochester.
    Imagine a trip to the stars ...
  • The ETs - Where are they? - from Stasiuk Enterprises.
    About the search for Extra-Terrestrial intelligence.

    ... and many others.